DeFi DAO, initiated by DDAO Labs,aims to build up an open financial network based on Blockchain technology.

DeFi DAO enables customers equal access to a practical and simple DeFI market, where everyone can enjoy safe diversified financial services without borders, and also benefit from the convenience brought by digital currency, anytime and anywhere!

DeFi DAO developed the parachain DAO Chain based on Polkadot, and issued the governance token DeFi DAO Token, referred to as DDAO.


DeFi DAO enables you to experience one-stop investment on nearly 30 DeFi protocols, look over the project status, K-line and other in-depth data. Powerful AI technology helps you allocate funds efficiently. DeFi DAO selects out high-value Wechat public accounts and media information for you, combined with announcements and Twitter of certain mainstream Exchanges. You are also entitled to participate in community comments and governance, and claim incentives through various activities.


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